Grid Lines [WIP]



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VIDEO 1/4 ch (Projection + TVs), 5.1 SURROUND SOUND, appropriation of HANS HAACKE’s BLUE SAIL: floating chiffon w/ GRID LINE pattern painted/printed on the fabric + fishing weights + thread + oscillating fan.


INCLUDES: Ambient sounds aligned to the textual output; FOOTNOTES in the form of CLOSED-CAPTIONING to implement the variance of  experience via BRACKETS [ ] to signify the absence of the specific senses (the auditory experience =/= the visual although hearing + reading will yield a supposed “fuller” experience,”; ANIMATIONS—3D animations + rigged to my speech patterns (no literal body representation outside of a SKIN WITH HAIR mapped to the organic generative object, but more a representation of a body as transmitted through socio-historical applications of DIGITAL CONSTRUCTIONS)


[Cue ambient music sample in a cut]



The disappearance of me;

the vermillion focal point flashing above the brow [SCREEN CAPTURE/WEB CAM/MOTION BLUR]

A pedestrian attempt at laser target practice wherein

I am a pedantic e-dilettante.


Emails are harvested, captured, collated and spread over the skin like an electric harnessed razor

A vibratory anthem that evolved into a rapid prototyped brain-space sludge that swims

Through veins and secretes through every spare hole 

Shit, piss, tears

Drooling on the KEYBOARD [SOK] after centuries of online browsing escalated beyond [before] reprieve and when you ask yourself what you are having for dinner this continuum seems to ceaselessly fold onto itself

[SCREEN CAPTURE of internet web browsing attached as a material to a fractal].

A real-time mind fuck,


fucking itself in quantum identities

spread into a post-time PB&J; 

I ate these thoughts because I hate these thoughts meandering 

These thoughts of arbitrary self-destruction wherein

One becomes the articulation of another


The verisimilitude of being 

Constrained by drop shadow dreams within

30% GRAY

100% WHITE check boxes

Opacity adjusting transparency layers to ZOOM IN 

On the virtual reticular [see: a digital anus]

Defecating promises of imperfection

A denouement of critical masses [BODIES] flowing from 16K screens [A veritable storm of image processed supersaturated GLOBAL MARKETS] to watch stocks self-immolate

Shit dream media floating along in EPOCH 555.24

Alabaster permutations carved in electric stone  [I WON’T HAVE ANY OF IT]


Primordial glit syringed through end-user eyes packaged into [oh…shut the fuck up] tomorrow’s vapor for simpering polymath’s who never got their fare share of the stick or finger wagging [I TOLD YOU SO syndrome] wherein our keyboards register our fingerprints in measurements of solitude [We were ever oh so lonely or do we cherish our license to complain about it?]


Blown up, maximized, imposed sheathes of skin movements as to disinfect our idea of what skin is [porous membranes carrying sacks of fluid]. Actualizing a belief of a belief who we want to be. 


Optimal pixel-to-facial-expression ratios. Marketing campaign algorithms to solidify a high-investment return on our lowly enterprise [this is flying south for a long unkempt winter] of transmitting your internal desperation [indeed we are GENERATION EMPTY] through vessels of maladaptive significants [in this case, for example, an others around here]. Thoughts are shoveled from one image to the next gauged on endless scroll capacity.


Filter check…………………….OK.


[Submission link.] 


Hyperbolic meal plans served at every 24 hour forum postscript chat app post postscript message box. 




[INCLUDES: Soundspace initiates an ambience of whispers that pool together to activate a fuller & much closer proximal soundstage—vocal processed via outsourced VA’s.]



[INCLUDES: ENVIRONMENT MAP of my FACE mapped to morphing SPHERES that reference MATERIAL ORBS—obvious reference here to the SELF as the material with which to ATTACH or ATTRACT. These orbs are synchronized to audio fluctuations attached to a polyphonic confessional voiceover]

>>Enter Diatribe; 

[An onscreen representation of doubts wherein the representation of a self is as much a vacuum as the experience of being a self]

[Off the cuff explanation of this feeling of disintegration recorded in .wav and then reintegrated into 5.1 SURROUND SOUND]