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proxy (2015)

we sought shelter (2015)



we formulated narratives with plastic monsters

memory does not serve [it enslaves]

the politics of being

the decadence of being

the mind is vast and empty



WIP: Upcoming Work

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two entities sharing ideologies

kundalini war chant

Book of Dreams

SALTLANDS at the wendover airbase



conceptual life coach

PARENT (1) ONE (1)

artist identity shopping spree

absent gods


We Sought Shelter


Installation Views

Materials: Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations with the lifespan of every fallen civilization laser-cut into its pages, charcoaled wood, sage, voiceover, lamp, ink-coated shells, ink-coated rope, fasteners.


My Thoughts
I wanted to create site of shelter, a site of safety, but I soon realized the possibility of erecting such a place was futile. The site was no longer a nest. It was a shelter suspended between two states of being. One was crashing, the other was rising up.

Construct versus deconstruct.

Formation versus dilapidation.

The voiceover addressed our confrontations with loss, the unobtainable nature of a thing as the acquisition of the thing itself is lost due to the mnemonic instability of a present.