Justin Watson

I am framed within the models of my environment.

My environment is the condensation of my ideas channeled through synthetic windows to the outer world:


My environment is a mirror of the information it contains.

The information is a series of questions without answers.

Answers are the arbitrary residue of an experience.

The experience of outside is no longer outside.

The experience of inside is no longer inside.

How can we collate reality when artificial constructions dictate how we experience our engagement with the real? The film on screens grows thinner and the situated, physical self is relegated to optic gestures of scrolling browsers, starry headlines and gasping permutations of daily information uptake. Information, or the human quest for knowledge, inverts, posits systems of self-destruction and division.

I seek the space nestled between ideologies, if an idea can ever be measured by physical limits. I seek the space between things because I seek to understand, to acknowledge and to collate the ideas of others and rest within them. Within this space, I discover I am a mirror of my online and offline experiences. I discover my own patterns so that I may erase them.